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Our Optometrists Answer Your Eye Care Questions

Eye Examination

  1. Are you accepting new patients?
    Yes we are always welcoming new patients! Call our Port Colborne eye care clinic today to set up your appointment.
  2. How often should I have my eyes examined?
    Children: First eye examination should be at least by age 3 – sooner if any concerns. Then annually until 19 years old.Adults aged 20-64: One full eye exam every 1-2 years.Seniors aged 65 and older: One full eye examination annually.These guidelines can change depending on your ocular and systemic health. Your optometrist will advise you if you need to be evaluated on a more frequent basis.
  3. Does OHIP cover eye exams?
    Effective November 1, 2004 the Ontario Ministry of Health changed the coverage for eye care in Ontario. Currently, OHIP will only provide coverage for the following:Children aged 0-19: One full eye examination annuallySeniors aged 65 and older: One full eye examination annuallyAdults aged 20-64 years ONLY with certain medical conditions: Annually
  4. Are eye exams, glasses and contact lenses covered by private insurance?
    Many patients have private insurance for eye care services through their employment or privately purchased. Please call your insurer prior to your visit to determine your coverage for eye examination, eyeglass, and/or contact lenses.
  5. Will I have drops put in my eyes?Routinely our optometrists will dilate your pupils (lasts approximately 4 hours). This is done to properly assess the internal health of your eye (retina, optic nerve and blood vessels). Dilation of your pupils will cause blurry vision (especially up close) and will make your eyes light sensitive.

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Glasses and Contact Lenses

  1. How long does it take to get new eyeglasses made?
    General time-frame for new eyeglasses ranges from 1 to 2 weeks depending on your prescription.
  2. Is there a warranty on eyeglasses?
    All of our frames offer a 2 year warranty.Most of our lenses also offer a 2 year warranty on chips, scratches and coating changes. This warranty can vary depending on the coating added to your lenses.When choosing your eyeglasses, our staff will advise you of your warranty and options.

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